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 The Kolb Family Companies has been employing great people since 1989.  We are deversified in the industries of catering, bakey, ice cream, event venues, driving school and insurance. We an equal opprotunity employer and take pride in offering our employees a great and rewarding work envornment.  If you are in high school applying for your first job or a seasond professional looking for career advancement in the food service and hospitality industry we welcome you!

Food Service  Application

Thank you for your interest in joining Colby's Food Service Division. Please fill out the application below and click the submit button.  All applications are accepted by this form, we do not accept walk-in applications at our facilities at this time. We will contact you by email to set up an appointment for your interview. Colby's is an equal opprotunity employer. Ice Cream store workers must be 16 years or older. Catering staff must be 18 years or older for consideration. If you would like to submit a resume after completing this form, please email to [email protected]
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